Ullr Festival Returns to Breckenridge

Breckenridge invites snow lovers to a four day event that will celebrate Ullr the Nordic Snow God. Ullr Fest is an unrivaled annual winter festival that will be celebrating 53 years of fun this January. Festivities will take place day and night January 13 through January 16 and, per tradition, will include a town bonfire and ski sacrifice. Yes, locals and 12,000 of their closest friends come together each year to offer up their skis as tribute for Ullr the Snow God.

More About Ullr

Who is this highly praised God that makes athletes want to burn their gear? Mythology tells us that Ullr was the stepson of the God Thor. Legend says that Ullr was such a skilled skier that he would scream across the sky and leave the stars as his trails. Each winter he would ski across the world, covering the Earth with a blanket of great snow. Then, one day his travels brought him to Breckenridge, Colorado. Ullr loved the town so much that he chose to leave Norway for Colorado and made his permanent home in the mountains. Now, every year Ullr blesses Breckenridge with some of the best powder in America. In order to thank Ullr for his generous snow gift (Breck is a world-class ski resort), we here is Breckenridge hold an annual festival to celebrate the winter and Ullr’s blessing. The raging party started back in 1963 when locals heard that Ullr was still in town. They decided to lobby the town council for an Ullr Day and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ullr Festival Events

Although there is a lot of partying during the Ullr Festival, all of the activities are clean and family-friendly. The zany events will include hitting the slopes while dressing up in Viking hats, competing in frying pan tosses, ski boot relays, cruising downtown on a mobile sofa, and much more. Of course, the main event of the week will be spectacular the Ullr Parade where people and animals of all ages are welcome to register a crazy float or simply watch the unforgettable procession from the sidewalk. If you cannot join in on all four days of fun, we highly encourage you to attend of the events on January 14th.

All Ullr fans over the age of 21 are encouraged to partake in on the festival’s most famous event: the world’s longest ski shot. During the 2013 festival, Breckenridge Distillery set the record with 60 skis and 120 taking shots in unison. This year’s attempt is expected to be much in the same; registration for the event will occur at 1 PM in the Riverwalk Center and the event will take place at 4PM. After successful completion of the shot ski, people will flock to Main Street to participate in the most out-of-this-world parade any of us have ever seen. At the parade, crazy float participants ski off jumps on Main Street or glide along town in a hot tub. And, by the way, the parade welcomes free spirited individuals dressed in whatever flashy, furry attire they please. Once the parade has finished, the Breckenridge Bonfire will take place around 5 PM at the South Gondola lot. Spectators are urged to become participants – both Christmas trees and skis are welcomed donations.

Everyone can have fun during this week long festival while enjoying the winter in beautiful Colorado. So, let’s rally the forces and make sure that Ullr receives all of the  raucous tribute  that he deserves. See you at the festival.

Ullr Festival
The Ullr festival 50th anniversary float.

2015 Signature Events

Wednesday, January 13th: Talent Show / Crowning of Ullr King and Queen

Thursday, January 14th: Ullr Parade and Bonfire

Friday, January 15th: Comedy Night

Saturday, January 16th: Ice Skating and Ullympics


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