Hiking in Breckenridge: Mount of the Holy Cross


A secluded part of the Sawatch Range, Class 2 and 14,009’ Mount of the Holy Cross is not visible from I70 and does not come into view until you are well within the wilderness. Named for the distinct cross shaped snowfield on its northeast face, Holy Cross was once named Continue Reading

Hiking in Breckenridge: GNT


Highly visible from I70 and reaching well above the Denver skyline, the GNT peaks dominate much of the Front Range. The popular mountains, Grays and Torreys, hold the distinction of being the only two 14ers on the Continental Divide. Highly accessible and situated close to the interstate, the two peaks Continue Reading

Hiking in Breckenridge: Mount Bierstadt


14,060’ Class 2 Mount Bierstadt is a muddy yet beautiful gem. Unlike most other 14er’s in Colorado, from the trailhead, hikers are able to see their entire route up Mount Bierstadt’s west slopes. Arguably the easiest of Colorado’s 58 14er’s, Mount Bierstadt is one of the highest peaks in the Continue Reading

Hiking in Breckenridge: Quandary Peak


On August 10, 2015, almost a month after my Sherman trip, I was finally able to make the journey back to the Mosquito Mountain Range; this time, my destination was the 14, 265’ summit of Quandary Peak. The mountain is considered to be a Class 1 climb with no major Continue Reading

The Breckenridge Blues of Environmental Awareness


Countless volunteers are hard at work in downtown Breckenridge bringing Konstantin Dimopoulos’ message to life by painting each and every branch of 75 of the town’s Aspens blue. All throughout town, Aspens are receiving the temporary, biodegradable water soluble blue treatment as a way to raise awareness for global deforestation. The Continue Reading

Hiking in Breckenridge: Mount Sherman


Late in the summer of 2013, I made it my quest to follow in my brother’s footsteps and conquer all of Colorado’s famous 58 14ers. On July 14, I made my first official documented trek up the Class 2 slopes of 14,035’ Mount Sherman with my brother and now sister-in-law. Continue Reading

World’s Best Cyclists – Pedaling to Breck!


The USA Pro Cycling Challenge will be in Breckenridge this month! Referred to as “America’s Race,” the seven different stages will take place August 17- August 23. For seven consecutive days, the world’s top athletes will race through the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain Range, reaching higher altitudes than they have Continue Reading

Acute Mountain Sickness


Acute mountain sickness, more commonly known as high altitude sickness, is an illness that affects individuals traveling higher than 8,000’ above sea level.  AMS is not fully understood, but most often occurs when the human body is not given enough time to properly adjust to lower oxygen levels in the Continue Reading

Hiking in Breckenridge: An Introduction to Mountaineering

Colorado Mountaineering is not for the casual adventurer; it is a dangerous hobby and many people have died while climbing the glorious 14ers. Unforgiving terrain, unpredictable weather, and risky people can add together to create a situation where your climbing knowledge and experience will be tested. Just because hundreds of Continue Reading