Over the course of the last few weeks, Breckenridge has seen a handful of small snow showers. On the morning of October 22, however, the Norse Snow Gods finally blessed the town with our first significant snow of the 2015/2016 winter season. As the large, fluffy snowflakes blanketed Main Street, we couldn’t help but get excited that winter is finally upon us. Additional snow and cold temperatures are forecast for the upcoming week, perfect conditions for snowmaking! Get your mountain gear ready because the Breckenridge Ski Resort is scheduled to open its first runs of the year on Friday, November 13th!

Here are our tips for satisfying your early season snow cravings:

Plan ahead. With ski season rapidly approaching, we are heading into crunch time! Don’t forget to book your lodging and ski passes early – you want to make sure that you have everything you will need to tackle the season!

Guests who reserve lodging before opening day can expect some great rates. Check out our winter property pool: Breckenridge Rentals

Whether you are looking for a multi-mountain pass or just a day pass, now is the time to purchase a pass. For the best deals on lift tickets: Ski Passes

The lifts open early. What better motivation do you need for getting up and around in the morning? In order to leave your tracks in the fresh powder you will need to be one of the first people on the lift in the mornings. The resort is presently schedule to be open at 930 AM; if you want to experience a great powder day, just remember that “the early bird gets the worm.”

*In the early morning, ski or ride along the edge of the white ribbon. In the afternoon, ski the middle.

Know the mountain. Breckenridge resort offers 2,901 skiable acres spread across five different peaks and 165 trails. Each of the five peaks caters to different experience levels of skiers and riders – make sure you are familiar with your ability and the terrain ahead of time. Also, pay extra close attention to which runs are open. During the early part of the season the mountain will have limited accessibility and you don’t want to end up out-of-bounds!

Watch the signage. Snow during early season is hard and not very deep. This means that on-mountain warning and directional signs are ultra-important. If you see a “caution” side at the top of a drop-off, assume that the run is bare of snow and that you should probably change course. It is impossible to look cool navigating out of a rock and bush field.

Play safely and have fun. Although it makes for an intersting story, injuring yourself on opening day really stinks; and, if your injury is serious enough, you could take yourself out of commission for the entire season. The runs are going to be crowded, so early season is a great time to work on your form and technique. Also, if you find yourself needing to rest halfway down a run, please be courteous and hang out on the side of the slope. After your break, don’t forget to look uphill and wait for a safe gap in the downhill traffic.

*Downhill skiers and riders always have the right-of-way.

Get excited, friends. The countdown is on for Breckenridge opening day: T-minus 21 days!
Get excited, friends. The countdown is on for Breckenridge opening day: T-minus 21 days!

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